The Flora B One-Stop Gift Guide

The Flora B One-Stop Gift Guide

Want to win at gift-buying this year? Then our Flora Botanica gift guide will give you plenty of brilliant ideas on what to get the special people in your life this Christmas.

From gifts for Granny and your best friend to presents for your daughter or the kiddo's teacher, we've got floral gift ideas for all the family that will be cherished forever, rather than donated to the local charity shop in the first week of January.

Why? Because at Flora Botanica we make gifts that are unique and meaningful, including personalised art prints, personalised journals and custom mugs, plus statement art that says something about the person you love and know so well. 

And if you think that getting all your gifts from one place is cheating, no it isn't. We call it winning in a time of extreme gift-buying overwhelm.

Plus if you buy any three items from our Flora Botanica Store this Christmas, we'll automatically give you 20% off at checkout. Now that really is winning!

Let's get this gift guide started...

Gifts for Granny

Love Lives Here and Kindness Lives Here art prints

Why are these the perfect art prints for Grandma?

Because grandparents are the best and our Kindness Lives Here art print was originally commissioned as a gift for a grandma to express how much she was appreciated and how welcome and loved she made everyone feel when they visited her home. Awww...

Both of our typographic rose art prints are sweet and sentimental and the artwork is a beautiful vintage – just like your gran.

Simply choose which one suits her and her home decor best – either our Love Lives Here print or our Kindness Lives Here print.

Both are available in sizes A5, A4 or A3, framed or unframed and prices start at just £9.95.


Gifts for Mum

Personalised Garden Flower Art Print Gift for Gardeners

Does your Mum love gardening or flowers? Are her flower borders her pride and joy when they're in full bloom? If so, why not celebrate her gardening prowess with one of our personalised floral art prints and make sure she has flowers to admire all year round. 

There are two designs to choose from: a Personalised Flower Garden Art Print or a Personalised Rose Garden Art Print

Personalised Rose Garden Art Print Gift for Gardeners

The Flower Garden art print features a jumble of bee and butterfly-friendly wild flowers and garden flowers, while the rose garden features a mix of cottage roses and classic roses.

Both use restored vintage flower paintings by the botanical artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

To personalise each print, all you need to give us is a name for the top of the print, which we'll pop in front of the word 'Garden' and a location for the bottom of the print to make it extra personal and special for your Mum.

Our personalised flower prints also make great gifts for aunts, sisters and friends – anyone you know who is a keen gardener or flower lover. 

Again, our personalised floral prints are available in sizes A5, A4 and A3 with prices starting at £9.95. Plus we offer free personalisation, so no hidden charges to take you by surprise!



Gift for Daughter

Wild At Heart wall art print typography print over vintage wild flower artWouldn't you wish this for any child? For us, being wild at heart doesn't necessarily mean being a rebel (though that's good too), it means remembering your roots, taking time to enjoy being in nature, and not allowing yourself to get swept up in or be ground down by 'the system'. It's about fresh air and muddy boots and picnics in wild flower meadows. Doesn't that sound appealing?

If you read that last paragraph and thought, "Yes!", then we designed our Wild at Heart Art Print for you – or as a gift for daughters, friends, colleagues or family members – anyone who shares the same wild flower heart as you! 

Whenever you feel a little worn down, our bold and colourful typographic Wild at Heart wall art will reignite that spark in your soul. 

You can pick it up in sizes A5 to A3, framed or unframed, and prices start at £9.95. 


Gift for Sister

Stop and Smell the Roses Wall Art Print with a vintage pink rose illustration

Don't know about you but we don't see our sisters nearly enough. It's a crying shame because, if you have a sister, then you might recall that when growing up, she was probably your original BFF (with a few bouts of bickering every now and again). 

But now you're both adulting and life gets in the way of seeing each other – and a whole lot of other fun things.

Cue our Stop and Smell the Roses Print – her arty daily reminder to get off the hamster wheel of life, slow down, smell the roses, and make a date with her family for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. 

Our Stop and Smell the Roses art print features vintage pale pink roses against a deeper pink background with a retro green border and chic French-style typography.

It's not just a fantastic mantra for life, it will look brilliant on your sister's wall or in the home of your hardest-working friend. It comes in sizes A5, A4 or A3, but we recommend going A3 for this one – so they can't miss it. 

Gift for Friend

Square Wild Flower Art Print from Flora Botanica Store

Friendships, like wild flowers, often spring up in the most unexpected places – and, like wild flowers, they shouldn't be trained or tamed, it's best to let them bloom and thrive in their own good time. 

Our Square Wild Flower Print is one of our most popular art prints, and makes a charming friendship gift for the wild flowers who have sprung up in your life or a gift for friends who just love flowers.

It features vintage French flower illustrations, arranged to create a colourful riot of flora. Real flowers are wonderful, of course, but these ones will last forever.

Our Square Wild Flower Art Print is available in two sizes: 20 x 20cm or 30 x 30cm. You can get it framed or unframed, and prices start at £12.95 for a 20 x 20cm unframed print. (If you're interested, you can find out more about our Framing service here.)


Gift for Aunt

Give your favourite aunty something classy this Christmas – a Pierre-Joseph Redouté art print from our Les Fleurs range.

Pierre-Joseph Redouté Les Fleurs Floral Art Prints Trio Set of Three

Painted almost 200 years ago in the Jardin Des Plantes De Paris, this pretty trio of vintage flower prints can be purchased separately or as a set of three. You can choose from a striking anemone painting, a pretty carnation print or a mixed bouquet featuring rose, anemone and clematis artwork

These original flower paintings have been restored, refreshed and redesigned to bring a much-needed pop of colour and prettiness to your home. 

If your aunt loves roses, check out our Les Roses trio by Redouté too! 

Individual art prints start at £9.95 for a single A5 print and £19.95 for a trio of A5 prints – and you can get our Les Fleurs prints or Les Roses art prints in A5, A4 or A3, framed or unframed. 


Gift for Teacher

Blooming Lovely Floral Mug Wild Flower Heart Mug Gift

Looking for a teacher appreciation gift for your child's favourite teacher (or perhaps a gift for your favourite neighbour or friend)? Then our Blooming Lovely Mug perfectly expresses just how much you value them and will be something they'll be proud to use in the classroom or the office.

The words 'Blooming Lovely' are surrounded by a heart-shaped frame made of vintage wild flower illustrations and the back of the mug features a full wild flower heart. Plus the inside and the handle of this ceramic mug is pink, making the design extra pretty.

Personalised Floral Heart Mug Ceramic Initial Monogram Mug

If you want to go one step further, you can get a Personalised Mug with the initial or the name of your recipient – and personalisation is free!

That way, there's absolutely no chance of anyone stealing their precious mug in the staff room.

Our ceramic floral mugs – both the Blooming Lovely design and personalised mugs – are priced at £12.95 with free shipping too.



Gift for December Birthdays

December Birth Flower Holly Art Print

December birth flower art prints work just as well as Christmas gifts as they do as birthday presents. 

We offer two versions of our beautiful vintage holly print – the December Birth Flower Art Print shown here features the three characteristics that are most often associated with holly: courage, cheerfulness and intuition. A pretty good combo, we think!

If that sounds like someone you know who was born in December, then this is the Christmas gift you are looking for! Incidentally, our Holly Print also makes a wonderful Christening gift for December babies. 

Our other December Birth Flower Print design can be personalised with the name and birthdate of the your recipient. Personalisation is free and prices start at £9.95 for an A5 print. Both styles of print come in A5, A4 or A3 sizes, framed or unframed. 

Interested to know more about birth flowers and what they mean? Read our Birth Flower blog.


Gift for Partner

Love typography art print from Floral Botanica on a vintage flower illustration background

Last, but by no means, least... why not show your partner some literal Love this Christmas with our bold and beautiful Love Art Print? Featuring modern typography over the top of a vintage flower illustration, this design packs a punch and leaves them in no doubt that they're your favourite and your best. 

Alternatively, check out our other modern typography prints, featuring the words Hope, Wild and Free. Our Love and Hope art prints pair up perfectly, as do our Wild and Free prints, and they'll definitely add some drama to your decor.

Our Love print – and our Hope, Wild and Free art prints – are a brilliant friendship gift too. 

Like most of our prints, our typographic art prints are available in sizes A5, A4 and A3, either framed or unframed. Prices starting at £9.95 for individual A5 unframed prints.

We hope our round-up of arty and floral Christmas gift ideas has been helpful to you and don't forget: you get 20% off when you buy 3 items on our site, which is automatically applied at checkout, so all the more reason to tick off your Christmas shopping list with Flora Botanica! 

Need any help or advice? Don't hesitate to contact us or use the chat.

Happy browsing and bloom always,

Flora B





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